Approach Controls is proud of what we have accomplished in 2020. Despite the challenges we have faced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, anemic economic growth globally, and stubbornly low commodity prices, we have made significant progress in positioning and expanding our controls architecture with some of the most respected fracking operators in North America.

Over the past 12 months, Approach Controls, with our team’s dedication and hard work, has exceeded our own ambitious goals. We were able to reach these goals by joining forces with Highwood Automation, securing the lease on a 20,000 square foot building to expand operations, opening a US operation and almost doubling the size of our team. We are excited about the future with our already strong technical team with extensive experience in building and implementing control platforms, cloud-based infrastructure and user experiences that are second to none.

Some of the examples I think exemplify our strategic focus to help our customers be successful were our quick implementation of a successful work-from-home strategy for our employees, and effectively managing the COVID-19 Crisis while maintaining seamless service to our clients. We also recently celebrated our expanded service hubs in the US, giving us even better access and response times for our clients’ equipment in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As we move into 2021, we look forward to delivering premier products and services to new and existing customers, expanding our footprint into new business lines and re-igniting our imagination to drive innovation while providing exceptional customer service. We want to thank all of our clients and employees that have helped make this a successful year for Approach, and we look forward to building on our momentum in 2021.