ACI’s Fleet Cloud is our flagship remote product, offering a real-time job data dashboard, job channel data plotting and a host of information remotely and at your fingertips.

In order to be successful, Fleet Operators have to compete on cost and efficiency. They have to prove they can make solid data-based decisions and ultimately report consistently excellent results. Since competitors are doing the same, operators need also demonstrate continuous improvement in the services they provide. Unfortunately, with today’s assorted, aging fleets, poorly integrated systems and over dependence on manual monitoring, control and reporting, that’s really hard to achieve. 

For Fleet Operators, Fleet Cloud delivers consistently excellent cost and efficiency results by integrating people, resources and equipment into a unified plan, having the equipment automatically execute and report progress toward that plan and facilitating remote monitoring and control with dynamic real-time dashboards.

Real time imaging and maps

See maps of all fleet locations and see real time camera feeds from them.

Use the remote toolset to inspect the site, including wellhead, to determine current conditions. 

Overlay weather and other relevant geospatial data.

AdvancedStatus Dashboard

See wellbore visualizations: downhold percentage, stage countdown, sand and chem concentrations.

Assess job consumables on location, proppant and water, generating alerts when resources are low.

Real-time data plotting, with 24 hour playback.

Operations Center

Remote monitoring and control of multiple jobs from a single, remote location.

Run all equipment automatically from the unified job/stage plan taking into account the capabilities, limitations and optimal use of each piece of equipment.

Generate custom reports and data exports.