For Frac Fleet operators, ACI’s Fleet Intel DAQ product extends the useful life of legacy equipment by allowing the integration of new and old equipment paired with a modern display dashboard.

Built  with the latest control automation technologies, Fleet Intel connects virtually any equipment with industry-standard back office systems. The resulting data ecosystem drives the creation of:

  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Real-time decision-supporting visualizations
  • Centralized Storage and Logging
  • Timely exports to other systems
  • Multichannel notification of significant field events

Data Channels

Easily configure sensor inputs and organize them into data channels. Quickly integrate new services and equipment in the field. Create custom dashboards, showing users what they need to know.

Configurable Meters

Choose from a library of meters, configure a data channel to track status. Use advanced graphing to compare several channels over time.

Alerts and Events

Combine high frequency sampling capabilities with flexible threshold rules to generate alerts and events. Require an appropriate operator response before clearing alerts.