A single point of integration for today’s large and assorted fleets

Blender Ops, ChemAdd Ops and Hydrator Ops extend the useful life of equipment by supporting the integration of new and old mixing equipment paired with a modern display dashboard and by simplifying the implementation of advanced data-driven capabilities.

It’s Your Fleet
Take Control

HW Controller

Flexible integration options include integrating existing controllers, or retrofitting an Approach controller.

Mixing Equipment View

Use a web based HMI to monitor and control the mixing equipment, perform maintenance, diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Use the equipment profile to specify unique characteristics, behavior and maintenance needs of your equipment.

Advanced Features

Blender: Discharge Pressure Control and Enhanced Tub Level Control.
Chem Add: Chemical Level Monitoring and Utilization Analysis.
Hydrator: Support for Multiple Setup and Hold Times, Dry Add Utilization Report.