Pump Ops is a fully supported, modern technology platform, that makes it easy to remotely monitor and control equipment. Once connected, the equipment also has the capability to operate autonomously in concert with other equipment to complete the job, without the need for operator intervention.

For Frac Fleet operators
Pump Ops

extends the useful life of equipment by supporting the integrations of new and old pumps paired with a modern display dashboard and by simplifying the implementation of advanced data-driven capabilities.

HW Controller

  • Flexible integration options include integrating existing controllers, or retrofitting an Approach controller
  • The controller offers automatic fault detection and mitigation

Single Pump View

  • Use a web-based HMI to monitor and control the pump, perform maintenance, diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Use the equipment profile to specify unique characteristics, behavior and maintenance needs of your equipment

Multi-Pump Control

  • When combined with Fleet Ops, allows the pump to operate as part of a group to perform individual functions or cooperate with other pumps to attain a target rate