The University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering ‘Capstone Design Project’ is the culmination of four years of study for Electrical and Software Engineering students. They are a year-long assignment where student participants are tasked to engineer solutions to challenges put forward by industry partners. In most cases, these projects are sponsored by these industry partners, giving students a real-world experience in addressing the needs of a ‘client’.

Approach Controls Inc. (ACI) is fortunate to employ several University of Calgary Engineering grads, including some Capstone award winners. Being employed at ACI and an alumnus myself, I am pumped that we are currently sponsoring a Capstone Design Project at the U of C. Project “Level-up” allows us to both mentor and gain fresh perspective from a diverse, motivated and curious group of five future engineers.

The “Level-Up” project is the integration of a level-sensing system into chemical totes so that measurements can be taken in an automated fashion throughout a frac job. This solution would reduce human error, and is a safer alternative to the traditional dip-stick method where the operator is exposed to the hazardous liquids while manually recording liquid levels. We are thrilled to participate as an industry partner and to see the solution these engineering students created to tackle this challenge.

I am proud to be a part of ACI’s team of forward-thinkers, collaborating on code solutions that are streamlined, easily testable and reusable on numerous ACI controls equipment projects. We work hard to deliver solutions that are both innovative and resilient. From my experience, we are taking a similar approach to professional development. At ACI I am mentored according to my learning style, and I am given opportunities to continue learning and keep being challenged to reach higher.