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Our Services

Panel Builds

At the forefront of control system innovation are our panel build services. From initial design to quality assurance, our dedicated team will work with you to make sure every detail meets your exact specifications.

Key panel build services include:


The team at Approach Controls will work with your business to custom design a control system to your needs, or oversee our Manufacturing team to build your existing designs. We have over 50 years of experience designing and drafting control systems for multiple industries, and we are eager to use our knowledge to help you make superior systems.


The Manufacturing team at Approach Controls can provide any level of build that you may need. From taking your design and building a single prototype, to providing production assembly of your established systems.

  • We are a full-service shop that can handle all stages from procurement through final Quality Assurance.
  • You can supply the parts, drawings, and assembly requirements to build out systems to your exact specification.
  • We can tailor our purchasing and manufacturing services to compliment the steps your business is already performing and wants to keep in-house.
  • Our Testing Group will work with you to develop a test plan for your product, or we can execute your already defined test procedures.

Service & Support

Our customers need to be successful in order for us to be successful.

  • We have the best people in the industry…period.
  • We are the same management who architected, and still believe in, the “Exceptional Customer Experience” approach to Service & Support.

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